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PIZZO FUN FACTS (Buy ‘em, Trade ‘em, Collect ‘em!)

Upon graduating NYC's School of Visual Arts, Robert took his BFA and did the only natural, logical thing... he formed a rock 'n' roll band and played at CBGB's.

Robert had the honor of serving as trusted assistant to the legendary Will Eisner, inventor of the graphic novel and creator of The Spirit.

Robert has won awards from PRINT, SND, GRAPHIS, HOW, DESI, AR100, SPD, well as a prestigious Washington Middle School Class Artist of 1972 Award.

When asked by a teacher what her dad did for a living, Robert's daughter replied, "I don't know...he just stays home and colors!"

Someone at Adweek called him "The Most Un-Neurotic Artist I've Ever Met."

Robert will meet or beat your deadline, guaranteed, or your meal is free!

Fast, Friendly, Reliable, and not a speck of that "Flaky-Artist" stuff.

eMail:   studio phone: 203-938-0663


The artist formerly and currently known as Robert Pizzo


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